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Hi! My name is Jemma Neale and I’m the proud mother of 3 amazing children. When I became a mother 8 years ago, I quickly caught on to the fact that there weren’t many high-quality, safe, comfortable costume and toy products for children. So, I began making my own! I learned how to sew to create custom costumes, and I learned how to do basic woodwork to create fun and safe toys. Slowly but surely, all my friends started to ask where I bought the costumes and toys for my kids, and that’s when I started to sell them! 8 years later, we have a team of 22 amazing team members, handcrafting the wonderful toys and costumes you see on our website today! We’re proud to say that every item is still 100% handmade and composed of organic, safe materials!

At Mish Mish, we strive to help all children enjoy a safe and comfortable childhood. As parents, we strongly believe it is important to provide the children in our communities with quality products to use daily. We look forward to welcoming your family to our family. Cheers to a bright future!

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